Fruit Ninja – Educational or Not?

Fruit Ninja – Educational or Not?

Have your children ever played Fruit Ninja on their tablets?  I know mine have and enjoyed it very much.


The sequel to Fruit Ninja has just been released, this time with a more educational feel to “help teach children maths”.  Maths problems are displayed at the top of the page and the correct fruit or correct number of fruits to answer the problem need to be sliced.

Although this game is great fun and children will enjoy it, people maybe under the misconception that it is teaching children maths.  The game is firing questions at the children and they either know the answer or they don’t.  If they do, they’ll move on to the next level, if they don’t the problem is forgotten about and they move on.

123maths has a very different approach.  Children learn from using 123maths, they are unable to ‘move on’ until they have understood the problem and worked out how to solve it.

So, if your child needs support with maths, these apps may not be the answer – 123maths could be.