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123maths can be used at home and school

“123maths has had a huge impact.  It’s a lovely session, the children are working independently and quietly.”

St George’s CE Primary School, Essex.

When a child hits a stumbling block in maths, quite often the focus will be on the current topic and their lack of understanding. This may be the case but the issue may lie further back in the child’s education. works in the same way as our books. Well, not exactly the same way of course, but it uses the same principle, that some people benefit from more practice than others.   It gives access to each of our ‘books’ and it teaches all the building blocks of number. takes a step by step approach, filling the gaps in a child’s knowledge. During this process they gain confidence and knowledge, allowing them to access the topic that they had problems with. works because you need to get a question right 3 consecutive times. Each day you visit the site you can only answer each question once. When you get the question right on three consecutive visits you don’t need to do that question again.

Look at our videos below to see how works.

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