There are a selection of prices listed below, however you can subscribe for any amount of users – please contact us on 074 9126958 or email for further information.

We offer schools an annual subscription which gives each user access to all of our books for a year.  You can re-allocate a user once someone has completed their books.  Therefore you can always have 10 active users should you subscribe for 10 users.

Parent subscriptions work on the same basis for the number of users and length of subscription ie, monthly, quarterly, yearly.

Pricing: Schools

  • Free Trial: Schools have the option of a 30 day free trial with up to 10 users
Annual SubscriptionCost
1 user€48.99 (plus VAT)
5 users€118.99 (plus VAT)
10 users€215.99 (plus VAT)
25 users€354.00 (plus VAT)
40 users€455.00 (plus VAT)

Pricing: Parents

  • Free Trial: 10 day free trial
1€9.99€20.99€58.99 save 49% (inc VAT)
2€15.99€32.99€94.99 save 49% (inc VAT)
3€18.99€38.34€111.99 save 50% (inc VAT)
4€20.99€43.99€119.99 save 51% (inc VAT)

Yes, we know there are lots of free maths sites out there and many schools offer access to maths sites.  But 123maths is different.  We offer a highly structured program which records all progress.  We don’t make money from advertising and, compared to hiring a Private Tutor or joining Kumon, we think we offer outstanding value.  It may just take one or two months for you to notice a difference!

Why choose 123maths…

We have over 4400 school users

Spend just 10 minutes a day

Clearly structured work

Use it at home and school

Record all progress made

Over 400 schools use us

It's a step-by-step approach

Save planning and time

Everyone can succeed!