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Who is 123maths for?

It’s for anyone who benefits from extra support and repeated practice.  It’s been found valuable for all those needing a boost to consolidate their maths skills.

Which book should I start on?

We realise that students of all ages need support. Our books are not age related. As a guide, Plus 1 is suitable for students aged about six upwards, Power of 2 is suitable for age 8 upwards, Perform with Time is suitable for age 8 upwards and Perform with Times Tables is suitable for about age 8 upwards.

What's in each book?

Plus 1 covers counting on and back, counting dots, reading numbers, counting on and back in 10’s, addition and subtraction, reading signs, doubling and pairs of numbers that make 10.

Power of 2 covers reading numbers and signs, number bonds to 10, doubling and halving, nearly numbers, multiplying and dividing, fractions and decimals and multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. It covers all the mental maths skills that are needed for the Maths Curriculum.

Perform with Time covers everything needed to be able to deal with time. It looks at both 12 and 24 hour clocks, reading digital and analogue time, working out how long events last and also includes a section on world time.

Times Tables covers all multiplication and division up to 10 x 10. It takes an unusual twist on teaching these facts and is great for people who need extra support to learn their tables. This book will have benefits beyond just multiplication and division and will enable students to boost their skills in other areas.

Should I use 123maths.ie or the real books?

It is entirely your decision – when using the book you work one to one with the child.  When using 123maths the child works alone but an administrator can manage/see how they are getting on.  Feedback to us suggests that the very weakest students benefit most  from the books, maybe because they talk through their answers.  We’d love to know your thoughts on this.

How often will it take to complete and how often should it be used?

The site is best used regularly and for short period of time, say 10/15 minutes per day.  How long it takes to complete will depend on your child and varies considerably.  Here’s a certificate you can download to award when a ‘book’ is completed.

Can you skip pages if you find it too easy?

When a child hits a stumbling block in maths, quite often the focus will be on the current topic and their lack of understanding. This may be the case but the issue may lie further back in the child’s education.

For this reason, 123maths.ie takes a step by step approach, filling the gaps in a child’s knowledge. During this process they gain confidence and knowledge, allowing them to access the topic that they’d had problems with.

All our online books work on the principle that, in order to develop, the foundations have to be solid. Often, it’s a case of not knowing which areas are wobbly, so we assume that it’s best to start from the beginning. And so each online ‘book’ is highly structured and designed to be worked through from the beginning.

Can it be used at home and at school?

Yes, users can log on both at home and school.  Anywhere you can get access to a computer.  You can download a letter that schools can send to parents which explains the site. Letter to Parents .ie

Is there a guarantee?

We have had constant positive feedback, repeat subscriptions and lots of word-of-mouth recommendations (in our view, the real litmus test of success).   Of course we can not guarantee that your child will make progress – we would be pleased to hear from you if you don’t think the site is helping your child.

What happens at the end of the trial?

Schools: You can extend your account (or set up a new one) if you choose to subscribe, so your pupils can continue their work.
Parents:  You can subscribe online using your account.  You’ll find the details when you log-in.  Your child will be able to continue with the work they’ve started.

Can I extend my trial?

We have found that the time allocated should be enough for you to see how well 123maths boosts skills. However, please contact us if this has not been the case.

Can we purchase a subscription for any amount of users?

Yes.   Pricing is on our Costs page.  Please get in touch if you’d like a price for a different amount of users.  We’re very flexible.

Can I add more users?

Schools: Yes, we’re always happy to help.  Please contact us for pricing information.
Parents: Yes, you can, but it may be a bit more complicated.  Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll do our very best to help.

How long does the subscription last for?

A school subscription usually runs for 1 year.  Parents can sign up for a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription. Please get in touch if you’ve any queries about subscribing to 123maths.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Schools: Your annual subscription will automatically expire. Please contact us if you wish to renew.
Parents: Via your Stripe account. Please contact us if you have any problems.

I have a technical problem

Please contact us with an outline of the problem. This will be looked into and we will get back to you.

I can’t login to my account or my students can’t login

You can login to your account to set-up users, allocate books for them and view reports.  If you’ve lost your login details, there’s a Forgot Password link on the login page.  You can also check pupils have the correct login details.  Please give us a call or use the Contact us form if you still need help.

I’m logged in but I can’t find the books or view pages

You may be signed in as the administrator. Please log out and sign back in using the ‘user’ login details. The books that have been allocated to this user will be shown. To view pages click on the appropriate book and click on the progress bar at the top of the page.

Will my screen reader work with 123maths?

Yes, 123maths is designed to be compatible with many computer screen readers.